bm_2012-07-21-15.53.37    July 20, 2012

Saturday afternoon, July 20, 2012, saw the VCS heading to yet another baseball game to sing the National Anthem.  This time, it was for the Philadelphia Phillies.  While some of us boarded a bus at UPHS for the trip to Citizens Park, others were heading there in their cars.  We got together by the gate and were escorted down into the core of the stadium.  A quick change into our casual uniforms and we were ready to warm up.  Our warm up area wasn’t the most glamorous of locations – a service corridor!  We had to stop a couple of times to let staff, the Honor Guard, and a couple of fork lifts go by.  But we still sounded darn good down there!  With our pipes warmed up, we headed for the tunnel that leads to the 3rd base side of the field.  Once we got the signal, we headed out in front of over 43,000 people!

Of course, no trip to the field is complete without a visit from the Phanatic!  After trying to lead us and join us, he decided to show his affection by kissing the hands of a couple of our sopranos and altos… and a big kiss for one of our tenors!

The weather was perfect for the game.  Mid 70’s with some cloud cover and some nice breezes.  It was a nice day for a nice game.  The Phils played well… but so did the Giants.  They beat our Phils in the 10th 5 to 4.  I guess we should have sung a bit louder.